Story about my life in Germany

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Waael mit seiner “neuen Familie” Foto: privat

I am writing this story because I want to tell you how I live in Germany.

My name is Wael Alsade, I am 24 years old and have been living alone in Germany for two years. My family is from Darer in Syria. I was born in Damascus and I also lived in Damascus.

The German language is very difficult for us, but I can do it because I have the will to do so.

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Mother of the Arts – A Way to Integration

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“Tell me”, the Patati-Patata theatre project with refugees for refugees

Wherever peoples and cultures meet, theatre plays an important role. To learn a language by acting is an exceptionally good medium for integration. Reutlingen is one of the cities in Germany successfully taking part in this experiment.

Thus, the premiere of the play “Tell me” on 27 September this year was not only a wonderful and touching performance. In the comedy style, quite cynically, the play discusses problems and difficulties refugees are meeting in their every-day life.

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