Refugees need a perspective

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Ignorance, insecurity, fear – many people are concerned about their future. This is obvious not only when looking at the latest election results and the AfD party’s entry into the Bundestag. While some are afraid to lose wealth and status they have painfully acquired in our affluent society, the fears of refugees having gained protection in Germany are fundamental. Their search for a dwelling and for work determines their every-day life, not unsuccessfully, as shown in this issue of RT Journal.

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Who wants to stay must cram

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Gunnar Rapp from the immigration authority in Reutlingen: Knowledge of German is essential

Gunnar Rapp, head of the immigration authority of the city of Reutlingen (left), Salem Alfayoumi, Flüchtlinge helfen Flüchtlingen (2nd from left)

In Reutlingen approximately 700 refugees live with a recognition according to the Geneva Convention and 216 refugees with subsidiary protection. For 327 the residence is permitted for humanitarian reasons.

After being recognised as a refugee, many still have the question of how they can shape their future in Germany. It is closely linked to the respective residence permit. These are the conditions that they must meet in order to be able to settle permanently in Germany.

Many are afraid that they can not stay and their future is uncertain. The settlement permit or the permanent right of residence is a goal for many. However, false information on the right of residence circulated on Facebook and among the refugees themselves. In an interview with FHF, the head of the immigration authority in Reutlingen presented conditions and possibilities. Gunnar Rapp: “The settlement permit has to be worked out.”

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My life in Germany is uncertain but going back to Gambia is not an option

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Refugee Kaw Jaiteh is working hard on his future in Germany.

Kaw Jaiteh, a 22-year-old man from Gambia, has done what he could to escape into Germany, he found work in a bakery, got his driver’s license and saved money for a car. Of course, everything seems alright if it were not for the uncertainty of being deported one day because his asylum application was rejected.

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