Rami Alnashef: Since two years in Germany

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Exhausting but good!

Rami Alnashef

My name is Rami Alnashef. I come from Syria and am 25 years old. In Syria I studied English literature. During my studies, I worked as a translator.
I’ve been living in Germany since two years. During this time I’ve occupied myself with learning the German language and culture.

Since I was able to learn the German language quickly and intensively, my social worker recommended me to work as BUFDI (“Bundesfreiwilligendienst”) in the IZ (“Integrationszentrum Reutlingen”). I applied for it and got the job. Since September 2016 I am working as a BUFDI in IZ Reutlingen. During this time I was able to improve my German language skills. I had the opportunity to take part in a B2 language course through the district administration. Besides, the work has given me a lot linguistically.

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