Questions about liability insurance

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There are many questions about liability insurance

A liability insurance is very cheap with about 50 – 100 euro (depending on the service and provider) and very helpful, if you yourself or someone in the family unintentionally damages an objects that belongs to someone else (see also “The private liability insurance”).
Frau Roller from the „Verbraucherschutzzentrale Baden-Württemberg” answered some of our questions:

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The stumbling blocks of German tenancy law

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What does “Kündigungsfrist” mean?

In Germany almost everything is regulated by a law. If people want to move out of their apartment there are rules and laws for that, too. If a tenant wants to move out, he or she has to tell the landlord some time ahead. For example, if someone wants to move out on the 1st of May because they’ve found a new apartment, the notice period has to be until 31 July. The legally set period of notice in Germany is 3 months. This is called “Kündigungsfrist” in German. It protects the landlord from losing money and it gives the tenant the security that after the deadline he or she doesn’t have to pay anymore rent.

Beware! If you want to move out before the deadline, you have to make sure the rent is still payed until that date.

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Thausend euro damage to pay from the basic income?

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How should this work, wonders family A.

Their son, the ten-year-old Mohammad (name changed), rode with his bicycle in the parking lot in front of the accommodation. When he wanted to avoid a coming car, he did not watch out for a moment and it had already happened. He sideswiped a parking car, causing a bump and a deep long scratch. The owner of the car inquired what it would cost to repair the damage: 1000 euros. The parents of Mohammad were shocked.

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Tip for liability insurance

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If there ist a passage in the rental contract saying that a liability insurance is obligatory, then the Jobcenter will take over the costs. This tip is provided by Arbeiterbildung e.V. Reutlingen – free advice on basic security ( Also have a look at the article -> “Questions about liability insurance”.

Liability insurance

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Liability insurance also covers extensive damages

Liability means that you have to pay for a damage that you cause. If you have a liability insurance, this is not the case. The liability insurance pays for the damage. But only if you broke something accidentally and not intentionally.

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Forgot your Doctors appointment – You may get a bill?

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Some doctors write on their appointment sheet that you have to pay a fee for missed appointments

Is this true? The legal situation isn’t that clear in this case. The german consumer advice center writes, that some judges have ruled in the doctors favor and some in the patients favor.

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