Vacation during unemployment?

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Is it allowed to go on vacation while one is unemployed? Of course it is, but only 3 weeks a year. It means that 21 calendar days per year are permitted. The Jobcenter counts the weekends, too. The Jobcenter calls this absence of location (“Ortsabwesenheit”). It must be applied for beforehand. If you apply for a holiday from Monday to Friday, you must be back on Friday evening and register at the Jobcenter the next day. Otherwise the Jobcenter will reduce the benefit.

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Thausend euro damage to pay from the basic income?

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How should this work, wonders family A.

Their son, the ten-year-old Mohammad (name changed), rode with his bicycle in the parking lot in front of the accommodation. When he wanted to avoid a coming car, he did not watch out for a moment and it had already happened. He sideswiped a parking car, causing a bump and a deep long scratch. The owner of the car inquired what it would cost to repair the damage: 1000 euros. The parents of Mohammad were shocked.

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Tip for liability insurance

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If there ist a passage in the rental contract saying that a liability insurance is obligatory, then the Jobcenter will take over the costs. This tip is provided by Arbeiterbildung e.V. Reutlingen – free advice on basic security ( Also have a look at the article -> “Questions about liability insurance”.

Erstausstattung? – Basic items for your first apartment in Germany

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What is Erstausstattung and where do you apply for it?

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Erstausstattung is a legal term used by German Jobcenters. If you’re moving from an asylum seekers accommodation to your first own apartment you can send an application form to the Jobcenter for basic items that you need in your apartment.
Each family member that lives with you in your apartment can apply for those basic items. Or you can send one application form for your whole family. Please keep in mind that you can only apply once for the Erstausstattung and not a second time. So if you move again you cannot apply again.

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