FHF – More about … (Refugees Help Refugees)

FHF Reutlingen is an initiative group in the Arbeiterbildung e.V. Reutlingen.

Help people who have fled together to help themselves!

Help for self-help for a good start in Reutlingen!
  • We want to pass on our experience and information on important issues to refugees!
  • We want to inform about the right addresses and contacts in Reutlingen, which can help refugees with their concerns.
  • We want to give refugees the opportunity to join us or to get involved in other organizations and associations.

We want to offer important information for refugees in Reutlingen:

  • Internet: Web-page and as a print: Wandzeitung, Magazin,
  • Press: Articles in the newspaper (GEA, SWP)
  • Consultation offer “Help for self-help” in der Lederstr. 86, Reutlingen, once a week:
  • Where to get in Reutlingen the right addresses and contacts, which can help further.
  • Accompanying to authorities and organizations
  • On the campsite:
    • wall papers
    • Information events

We want to inform you about the life situation of refugees in Reutlingen:

  • With exhibitions and events
  • About Internet: Web page
  • As a print: wall newspaper, magazine,
  • About the press: Articles in the newspaper (GEA, SWP)
A part of the initiative group FHF Reutlingen (Flüchtlinge helfen Flüchtlingen – Refugees help Refugees) at the barbecue in July 2017
A part of the editorial team of FHF Reutlingen (June 2017)
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