Refugees need a perspective

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Ignorance, insecurity, fear – many people are concerned about their future. This is obvious not only when looking at the latest election results and the AfD party’s entry into the Bundestag. While some are afraid to lose wealth and status they have painfully acquired in our affluent society, the fears of refugees having gained protection in Germany are fundamental. Their search for a dwelling and for work determines their every-day life, not unsuccessfully, as shown in this issue of RT Journal.

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“Tell me” – Interview with Abdul Rahman Dabian about the theatre experiment

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My name is Abdul Rahman Dabian. I come from Syria, from Damascus.

What do you think about this experiment and what did you take with you?

A while ago I read a phrase by Shakespeare:”Our fate is not in the stars, but in ourselves” This statement gave me an impulse to submit to this experiment, as I had never before participated in theatre work.
I was afraid to go on stage, acting in the theater was an unknown world to me. That was my first experience.

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Story about my life in Germany

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Waael mit seiner “neuen Familie” Foto: privat

I am writing this story because I want to tell you how I live in Germany.

My name is Wael Alsade, I am 24 years old and have been living alone in Germany for two years. My family is from Darer in Syria. I was born in Damascus and I also lived in Damascus.

The German language is very difficult for us, but I can do it because I have the will to do so.

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Mother of the Arts – A Way to Integration

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“Tell me”, the Patati-Patata theatre project with refugees for refugees

Wherever peoples and cultures meet, theatre plays an important role. To learn a language by acting is an exceptionally good medium for integration. Reutlingen is one of the cities in Germany successfully taking part in this experiment.

Thus, the premiere of the play “Tell me” on 27 September this year was not only a wonderful and touching performance. In the comedy style, quite cynically, the play discusses problems and difficulties refugees are meeting in their every-day life.

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My life in Germany is uncertain but going back to Gambia is not an option

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Refugee Kaw Jaiteh is working hard on his future in Germany.

Kaw Jaiteh, a 22-year-old man from Gambia, has done what he could to escape into Germany, he found work in a bakery, got his driver’s license and saved money for a car. Of course, everything seems alright if it were not for the uncertainty of being deported one day because his asylum application was rejected.

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Rami Alnashef: Since two years in Germany

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Exhausting but good!

Rami Alnashef

My name is Rami Alnashef. I come from Syria and am 25 years old. In Syria I studied English literature. During my studies, I worked as a translator.
I’ve been living in Germany since two years. During this time I’ve occupied myself with learning the German language and culture.

Since I was able to learn the German language quickly and intensively, my social worker recommended me to work as BUFDI (“Bundesfreiwilligendienst”) in the IZ (“Integrationszentrum Reutlingen”). I applied for it and got the job. Since September 2016 I am working as a BUFDI in IZ Reutlingen. During this time I was able to improve my German language skills. I had the opportunity to take part in a B2 language course through the district administration. Besides, the work has given me a lot linguistically.

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