“Tell me” – Interview with Abdul Rahman Dabian about the theatre experiment

My name is Abdul Rahman Dabian. I come from Syria, from Damascus.

What do you think about this experiment and what did you take with you?

A while ago I read a phrase by Shakespeare:”Our fate is not in the stars, but in ourselves” This statement gave me an impulse to submit to this experiment, as I had never before participated in theatre work.
I was afraid to go on stage, acting in the theater was an unknown world to me. That was my first experience.

I was very worried but with continuous practice and dedication and coaching advice I was able to overcome the fear and my colleagues and I performed the piece “Tell Me”. In the play, the problems and difficulties a refugee experiences in his new daily life are portrayed in a comedic and cynical way. I have to say that the most important experience I have made is the reduction of speech inhibition and communication with people in the new society. That’s what worries most refugees. On the other hand, in the theater I have found a way to express the refugees’ difficulties in different areas of life, such as language and work, as well as the psychological effects of the war.

Finally, I think that this experience has shown me a lot of psychological and practical aspects: I love the theater and have big dreams in this area, I hope I can achieve that. I invite all refugees to participate in this experience because, in my opinion, it is a successful experiment.

Thank you and I wish you lasting success.

From what has been said, it can be seen that theatre plays and will continue to play an important role in the education of people and the spread of cultures on different levels.

“In the theater alone, the nation is united. It consists of the thinking and the taste of young people and on the stage the foreigners learn our language. The theater is a permanent school for learning virtue.”

This sentence of Voltaire is a good description of the experience of “Tell me”, because it was a good opportunity to exchange ideas and learn the language for education, I think that the theatre is a chance and a good opportunity for the refugee to exchange ideas and cultures, to overcome the barrier of fear of language and to integrate and integrate more quickly into (new) German society.

Dear refugee, if you would like to take part in theatre activities in the future, you can contact us by email (redaktion@fhf-rt.de) to find out about the most important theatre activities in Reutlingen.

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