Story about my life in Germany

Waael mit seiner “neuen Familie” Foto: privat

I am writing this story because I want to tell you how I live in Germany.

My name is Wael Alsade, I am 24 years old and have been living alone in Germany for two years. My family is from Darer in Syria. I was born in Damascus and I also lived in Damascus.

The German language is very difficult for us, but I can do it because I have the will to do so.

First I was in Hayingen. I lived there for 10 months but did not attend an integration course there. We had the opportunity to learn German four hours every day for over a month. So I was able to speak German a little in Hayingen. I experienced what is called humanity. Now I’m in Pliezhausen, where I love to be, respect people and like many people. I live here like in my homeland.

There are people in Germany who wonder why we are in Germany at all. Some people are afraid of us because they don’t know us and we are foreign to them. They think we’re gonna take the money away from them. They also think,”Why do we have to pay for language courses, tickets, etc.?”
Some say go back to your country.”

I came to Germany because there is a war in Syria. There is no security and no human rights for us. I didn’t want to go into the military because I didn’t want to be a perpetrator or a victim. I didn’t want to stay in Syria either and wait for death there.
At the moment I am dependent on money that I get from Germany to learn, live and eat. But in a few years, I won’t need any more. I will hopefully find a job and pay taxes and take care of myself.

Maybe I will stay here for more than 30 years, then I will pay more money than I have received from them.
Here in Germany we can’t get a job without language skills. That is why we learn the German language, and that takes time.
If we are allowed to work without language skills, we would like to work immediately. But that is not possible in Germany. Most of the refugees are really active and like work and learning.
It’s hard for us to be here without our families. We always think about them, but we still continue to learn.

When I was 16 years old in Syria, I went to work and school every day and I managed both.
I did my apprenticeship as an accountant and I was overjoyed when I made it. At the same time I was working with my brother, who is an automechatronics technician, and I learned a lot in this profession. And I’m a little proud of that, too.
I’ve been in Germany for two years and have met many dear people. Unfortunately, however, there are people who are prejudiced to us and think that we are dangerous. This happens mainly because we don’t know each other. This has to change.

There are some refugees who cannot learn the German language because they have many problems. They are worried about their family and whether they can stay in Germany. Their head is so full that they can’t pick up anything new.
I felt the same way when I was in Hayingen. It took me almost ten months before I realized that I had to forget about the problems in order to be able to live here in Germany. Thank God, I have made it and can now start a new life here.

We cannot forget our worries. But we cannot solve the problems either. That’s why we have to keep trying to get involved in life.
Many people have not seen their family for a year or more. They always say, how can we learn without knowing if our family can come to Germany at all?
Another reason why it is difficult to learn is that we have too little contact with Germans. Many wish that they could find a room or an apartment here in Pliezhausen, because we have to stay here for at least three years. That means that we are in Germany, but without contact with Germans it is difficult.

Another problem is that many people here are talking about refugees in general and not about us as individuals. If a person makes a mistake or behaves poorly, you cannot transfer it to others.
I now live with a German family – with Rose and Maximilian. We have a lot of fun together. They are very nice and friendly and I am overjoyed that I can stay with them. I feel like I’m with my family.

I wish wholeheartedly that the Germans and we will always be able to live in security, peace and freedom. I would like to thank all those who have helped us.
I would also like to thank Angela Merkel because she gave us hope and let us come to  Germany and believed that “we (and Germany) can do it”.
I wish all Germans that they have a good life and I wish for us refugees that we can build a new life in Germany.

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