Refugees need a perspective

Ignorance, insecurity, fear – many people are concerned about their future. This is obvious not only when looking at the latest election results and the AfD party’s entry into the Bundestag. While some are afraid to lose wealth and status they have painfully acquired in our affluent society, the fears of refugees having gained protection in Germany are fundamental. Their search for a dwelling and for work determines their every-day life, not unsuccessfully, as shown in this issue of RT Journal.

However, if all the efforts of the last two or three years may be ruined by the ring of the door bell signalling deportation, knowing that the police is working even at 3 o’clock at night – who can keep on sleeping well and briskly pursuing one’s integration the next day?
To say it clearly: above all, refugees need a legal status giving security even to those trying to build a future without recognition. This is what businesses need that want to invest in the occupational training of refugees. It is what managers are emphasising, also the director of the German federal employment agency (Bundesanstalt für Arbeit).

We should not negate the problems arising in integration. However, we must help refugees who have difficulties making an independent living for themselves. Today, they need us, on the long run, we’ll need them.

Menacing and „window dressing“ for concerned voters are only encouraging racists and rabble-rousers. The peaceful coexistence of people is based on the necessary investment in integration and social security, whereas populism affects society, as a whole.

Translated by Sibylle Höf

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