Table of contents RT-Journal international 2017

Edition 03/2017 (PDF-Download ca. 1,5 MB)

  • Back to Gambia is no option
  • Who wants to stay must cram
  • Story about my life in Germany
  • What is TestDaF?
  • A Multicultural Library
  • Theatre: Mother of the Arts – A Way to Integration
  • News / Imprint

Edition 02/2017 (PDF-Download approx. 1 MB) (PDF-Download ca. 1 MB)

  • Thousend euro damage to pay from the basic income?
    How should this work, wonders Family A.
  • Liability insurance.
    Liability insurance also covers extensive damages.
  • Vacation during unemployment?
    Is it possible for somebody to travel if he receives services from the job center?
  • A kindergarten place for every child!
    There’s also a waiting list for refugee children.
  • The stumbling blocks of German tenancy law.
    What does “Kündigungsfrist” mean?

Edition 02/2017 (PDF-Download ca. 1 MB)

  • „Betterthrough the Mediterranean to Europe than without future in Nigeria“
    The youth flees Nigeria
  • Forgot your Doctors appointment – You may get a bill?
    Some doctors write on their appointment sheet that you have to pay a fee for missed appointments.
  • Erstausstattung? – Basic items for your first apartment in Germany
    What is Erstausstattung and where do you apply for it?
  • What is the right profession for me?
    Many young people do not know what profession they should take.
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