Questions about liability insurance

There are many questions about liability insurance

A liability insurance is very cheap with about 50 – 100 euro (depending on the service and provider) and very helpful, if you yourself or someone in the family unintentionally damages an objects that belongs to someone else (see also “The private liability insurance”).
Frau Roller from the „Verbraucherschutzzentrale Baden-Württemberg” answered some of our questions:

  • What are the minimum and maximum costs of a liabilty insurance?
    A good liability insurance is not expensive. Cheap offers are at about 50,.- € a year, for a family it is a bit more expensive.
  • What services should be in the contract?
    It is difficult to give a genereal answer. It depends on the personal situation. It is possible to get advice.
  • Which services are not so important?
    There is also no genereal answer to this. It depends on the personal situation. There is the possibility of getting advice .It is possible to get advice.
  • Is there a liability insurance that covers damages in rented apartements?
    If you rent an apartement it makes sense to inlcude ‘Mietschäden’ in the contract. Nearly every provider offers this component.
  • What do you have to do to insure a family?
    In a so called ”Familientarif” all members of a family are covered. If you are not married but you live together, the partner’s name should be listed in the insurance policy. Tariffs for singelles only cover one person.
  • TillUp to which age are children also included in the insurance?
    Usually children are included until they finished their first vocational education. If you are not sure send a written note to the insurance company.
  • How high is the coverage?
    At least 5 million euro.
  • What does “Ausfalldeckung” mean?
    This is a cover extension. Your liability insurance will pay if you have been harmed by someone and this person cannot replace the damage. But the condition is that there is an official judgmentcourt verdict and the damage is over 2,500 €.
  • When and how does the age of insured persons play a role?
    Age does not affect the insurance premium. The prerequisite is – as with every contract – that one is fully business capablelegally competent. SoI.e. at least 18 years old.
  • How do you find the right supplier?
    In the ideal case, the Consumer Center ( can be consulted. Sometimes also articles of the journal ‘Finanztest’ are helpful.
  • How long is the term of the contract?
    Between one and three years. The contract is extended automatically, if not cancelled.
  • What must be considered when terminating the contract?
    Ordinary termination (without a special reason) is possible at the end of the insurance year. The cancellation letter must be received by the insurer no later than three months beforehand. If one is not sure, one writes:”I hereby cancel the insurance No. ………the earliest possible date. I aske for a confirmation of my termination.”
    If you do not receive a reply within 14 days, you have to send the cancellation by e-mail. Otherwise you may have difficulties to prove the timely receipt of the termination.
  • What must be considered in a liability case?
    You should report the liability case at once – preferably in writing. Even if it is not certain, yet, that the claimant will assert a claim,at all. Answer the questions of the insurer in short and truthfully. If you do not speak German so well, you should seek help.
  • What else should be considered when concluding the contract?
    Always answer all questions asked truthfully. Check if the insurance offered is exactly what you want.


There is also a consultation center for the “Verbraucherschutzzentrale” (consumer protection center) in Reutlingen (address, opening hours and events -> see web page).

The costs for a private liability insurance can also be paid by the Jobcenter if this is required in a rental contract(-> look at the article)

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